In February 2009, we launched Pall-Ex Italia, our first network in mainland Europe. The network boasts five hubs in Milan, Bologna, Florence, Ancona and Naples, plus two subsidiary hubs in Verona and Fiorenzoula d’Arda.

The network has responded to the market with flexibility, speed and clarity. It has enabled the network to decrease the number of vehicles on the road and the emissions, anticipating the growing demand on companies across various industries to embrace their social responsibility.

Pall-Ex Italia handled 160 pallets on its first night of operation, growing significantly and achieving volumes of circa 900-1000 pallets per night by the end of their first year of operation. This represents significant network volume growth and demonstrates the requirement for hub and spoke distribution in today’s competitive business environment.

Today, six years after the opening, the network handles in excess of 4,000 pallets per night and has also increased its network size from 42 members on its first night to 96.


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