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The Pall-Ex France project was born in 2011 and launched two years later, on May 24, 2013.

Above all Pall-Ex France is a federated network, composed of more than 60 united carriers, their success due to the union of the network.

In 2014, Pall-Ex France joined forces with the European extra-financial rating agency TK'Blue, which scientifically measures the real impact of reducing the environmental footprint by involving all members of the network.

There is no limit to what we can do together ... Today Pall-Ex France have three hubs. The first, near Bourges, is the main hub through which all members of the network are required to deposit their freight daily.

The second,  in Goussainville (95), next to Roissy and the third in Nîmes. These 'peripheral hubs', have been opened to meet a growing demand for cross-functional flows in the North and South of France, but also with a view to developing and simplifying international flows.


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