How Our Consumer Technology Supports Your Business.

 At Pall-Ex Group, we have developed technology solutions that really benefit our pallet network and your business.

We have made major investments in creating NexusGo, which delivers control to Pall-Ex members and provides a highly flexible and cost-effective proof of delivery (POD) reporting solution.

This new technology bridges transport management systems, helping to future-proof our entire network and simplifying the process of booking domestic and international shipping. The next generation of Pall-Ex’s systems, MyNexus, offers a range of advanced tools to improve the overall experience of booking, reviewing and tracking shipments, making collection and delivery easier for our customers and members.

Technology solutions exceeding customer expectations.

Pall-Ex continuously innovates in order to anticipate and exceed our customers’ expectations. Our ongoing dedication to delivering genuinely beneficial, free-of-charge technological solutions supports our complete range of service-users, enabling us to meet their evolving needs.

We deploy sector-leading technological and customer service excellence; delivering far-reaching benefits with the power to make a positive and measurable impact across your entire supply chain operations.

Pall-Ex drives the highest levels of real-time data-capture throughout Europe and has strategically developed a linked range of technology solutions which complement one another, delivering additional benefits and profitability to you and your business.


At the heart of our pan-European network sits our core operational system - NexusConnect

This web-based system provides a broad range of powerful functionality, enabling the user to effortlessly manage consignments in real time from any PC with an internet connection. It is an extremely advanced, capable and powerful one-stop IT solution for logistics management.




Our Android app delivers control to Pall-Ex members, providing a highly flexible and cost-effective proof of delivery (POD) reporting solution.

Downloadable to any phone, free for the entire membership and easy to use, the app supports the visibility of freight with a SIM used to enable real-time GPS visibility of all consignments on the move.

Every Pall-Ex member has the ability to scan consignments both inbound and outbound of their depot using NexusGo. Throughout the process, the consignments are scanned and details made available to you in real time.


The next generation of Pall-Ex’s systems, MyNexus offers a range of advanced tools to improve the overall experience of booking, reviewing and tracking shipments. 


MyNexus has demonstrated to me that this is very much the tip of the iceberg. The team are clearly capable of delivering high-end products. We have a dual focus from a systems development perspective and are continuously trying to improve our legacy systems as well as develop our new core operational system – Nexus.
Dave Dunhill, Director of IT - Pall-Ex


Key features: 

  • A dashboard showing the status of all live consignments
  • Advanced, easy to understand tracking
  • The “drop number” feature allows customers to see where they are in the queue of deliveries
  • In-built customer address book, with management
  • Ability to focus on key customers
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Member login with all the customer features
  • Available to all customers with an account, with multi-access level to suit customer’s needs

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