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Romania records millionth pallet milestone

Pall-Ex Romania has recently recorded its one millionth pallet milestone; a feat that comes only six years after the network began its operations.

Pall-Ex Romania launched in 2011 and was the first-ever pallet network to establish itself in Eastern Europe. Since its inception, the network has grown, developed and matured at an impressive rate, and is now a market-leader within the Romanian logistics sector.

Danor Ionescu, Pall-Ex Romania CEO commented: “To be able to announce that we have successfully transported one million pallets through our network is an achievement that strengthens our position and certifies our customers’ trust in us, as well as their certainty that our service offering is the best in the market. It is a landmark achievement that we are particularly proud of, having started from nothing and gained the trust of over 3000 regularly serviced customers.

“Our customers are the driving force behind our network. We are constantly connected with them, and that community is the foundation on which we have been able to build our success. By committing to delivering more than just a distribution service, offering reliability, safety and added value, an overwhelming percentage of our clients remain loyal to us, and allow us to continue revolutionising our sector.”

The company marked its success as its Annual Gala, held on the 20th October at the Ramada Hotel in Sibiu. In addition to a number of awards bestowed upon Pall-Ex Romania members and employees, five lucky attendees were chosen at random to be whisked off in a Pall-Ex-branded hot air balloon for an hour-long flight.

"Our customers are the driving force behind our network. We are constantly connected with them, and that community is the foundation on which we have been able to build our success."

Danor Ionescu, Pall-Ex Romania CEO

In true Pall-Ex spirit, the Romanian network holds community care close to its heart; which is why, as another way to celebrate their millionth pallet delivery, Pall-Ex Romania will be running a network-wide blood donation initiative.

Danor added, “It’s no secret that hospitals throughout Romania are in a permanent state of crisis when it comes to blood donations. Quite simply, not enough people donate blood to keep up with the need for it in treatments and transfusions across the country. We have set ourselves a target: one million pallets have been transported through our network, and we’re aiming to donate one million drops of blood to mark that milestone. We’re fortunate in that, due to the size of our company, we are able to implement such a large-scale project – which many companies are unable to do. Since we announced our initiative, more than forty colleagues at our own head office have already donated, and I have every confidence that we will succeed.”

Anand Assi, international development director at Pall-Ex Group added: “The team in Romania has worked tirelessly since the company’s very first night in operation, continuously striving to improve and expand the network and deliver a quality freight solution.

“After starting from nothing and having to learn a completely new way to operate effectively within logistics, one million pallets transported is an incredible feat. I’m extremely proud of the success of the network, and have no doubt that we will continue to see them thrive in the years ahead.”

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