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Pall-Ex Group Franchisee Model

International Palletised
Freight Network

Join our global, express freight, palletised logistics network. International network master licensee opportunities available.

Pall-Ex Group
About Pall-Ex
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Pall-Ex Group - Global Palletised Freigh
Our vision
Pal-Ex Romania - Vehicle
How the Pall-Ex model works
Pall-Ex UK Hub
Pall-Ex UK Hub

Pall-Ex’s award-winning network of quality operators collaborate to deliver leading freight distribution services across the globe.

As one of the most trusted European pallet freight networks, we offer international franchise opportunities to our exclusive distribution network. This opportunity gives members access to a wide range of benefits including access to a team of over 7,500 vehicles, 600 recruited sub-licensees, and our advanced Pall-Ex IT system, Nexus. This along with the backing of the Pall-Ex name gives members the tools they need to provide incredible service and international pallet delivery.


Our distribution and warehousing network covers the entirety of Europe with a unique hub-to-hub scheme that benefits the freight forwarding and 3pl franchise. Pall-Ex currently has thriving master licensee networks across numerous countries, including Italy, Spain, Portugal, France and Romania, with first-class distribution network operators at the helm.


Our market-leading, innovative logistics technology supports our service offering and helps us build a strong network, as well as win new, and retain existing, customers. We are determined to push forward and consistently deliver higher service standards than the rest of the sector.

Pall-Ex's latest news:

Keep up-to-date with the latest news and updates from Pall-Ex; a premier European pallet freight network. We keep our fingers on the pulse of international franchise opportunity, freight forwarding franchising, global logistics trends, and more to keep ahead of the curve.

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