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Corporate social 

Protecting the environment, supporting worthy causes and helping with local community projects are at the heart of our values.

Protecting the environment

The operation of a pallet network is the most fuel and road usage efficient form of road freight transportation available today. In the UK, customers are, on average, only six miles from their nearest pallet network and the hub and spoke model ensures that all vehicles are used as efficiently as possible.

Freight is consolidated at our hub, which enables our operations team to ensure vehicle capacity is utilised. The average fill for our vehicles is 90 per cent compared to 73 per cent for other pallet networks and 51 per cent for conventional haulage.

We work on the principle that the nearest haulier collects and delivers the palletised freight, therefore the number of miles travelled is also significantly reduced and the net effect of the pallet network operating model is estimated to take over 830 vehicles off the road every day*.

By introducing the palletised freight distribution more widely across Europe, communities will benefit from reduced congestion, noise and emissions.

*according to latest figures from the Department for Transport (UK).

Pall-Ex Group - Global Palletised Freigh

Supporting the community

Pall-Ex works with around 500 independent hauliers across the globe.


Many of our master and sub-licensees have been a part of their local communities for many years and are dedicated to supporting good causes.

Through sponsorship and fundraising, Pall-Ex Group and our stakeholders support local charities, community groups and sports teams. We’re also proud champions of our industry, educating local schools on road safety and inspiring the next generation to take up a career in logistics.

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