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Pallet Network Membership & Master Licensee Opportunities

We are looking for road transport companies throughout the world to join Pall-Ex Group and become a distribution network master licence holder in their territory. Be part of the Pall-Ex journey.

An opportunity waiting to be explored


The Pall-Ex master licence opportunity has proven to be a successful, credible and sustainable business model. Supported by the Pall-Ex name, this opportunity provides distribution network operators with a strong and well established brand that supports opportunities to grow and provides a consistent vehicle to deliver success..

Our pallet network memberships allow local logistics firms to operate a highly lucrative licence in new territories and drive new business with a hub-to-hub approach that promises incredible customer service and delivery times.


The Pall-Ex business model provides an opportunity to expand into the emerging market of B2C logistics solutions with transportation and logistic franchise opportunities. The transhipment of freight through strategically placed hubs within our warehousing and distribution network allows recruited sub-licensees to distribute freight nationally at very economical rates, becoming competitive in the growing B2C market

Pall-Ex currently has 12 European territories covered by eight separate master licence holders. These networks are supported by over 600 recruited sub-licensees who function as distribution network operators in a well-connected web of regional hubs. Both master licensees and sub-licensees utilise the unique, market-leading Pall-Ex IT system (Nexus) and now have a combined fleet of over 7,500 vehicles, ensuring first class international pallet delivery across the continent.

The Pall-Ex Group is now seeking to expand its pallet network membership into other continents around the world.
Pall-Ex Italia - 10 Year Anniversary

What is a master licensee?

The benefits of becoming a master licensee


A Pall-Ex master licensee is the main licence holder for the territory. Their role is to recruit and manage sub-licensees within their territory.

The master licensee is responsible for:


  • Running/operation of the transhipment hub

  • Recruiting and supporting sub-licensees

  • Monitoring sub-licensee compliance

  • Sales and volume growth

  • Marketing/brand awareness in your territory

Pall-Ex Group Two Vehicles

The benefits of becoming a master licensee

As your committed licensor partner, it will be our mission to support your business and help you to excel as a distribution network operator in your local territory. Becoming a Pall-Ex master licensee offers you:

  • A proven business model

  • The opportunity to establish your own extremely lucrative business

  • Knowledge and support from our experienced licensor team

  • The benefit of utilising fully developed sets of policies and procedures

  • Access to award-winning technology to support your business

  • Ability to utilise the internationally recognised Pall-Ex brand

  • Access to branding, identity and marketing support materials

  • The ability to distribute freight through a large network across the globe

Discover the benefits of a pallet network membership with Pall-Ex today by contacting us today or filling in the licensee enquiry form below.

What is a sub-licensee?

A Pall-Ex sub-licensee/member is an independent road transport company who has been recruited by the master licensee to operate within a designated area.


On a daily basis they will manage their own
customers from their own depot and collect and
deliver within their designated area (within the master licensee territory).

The sub-licensee/member is responsible for:


  • Managing their own customers

  • Managing a suitable fleet of vehicles

  • Meeting compliance expectations

  • Local volume growth

Pall-Ex (UK) member - ADD Express

Licensee enquiry form

Please note: As per our Privacy Policy all information within the above form will only be sent to Pall-Ex and the relevant personnel within the network. Your details will not be used, stored or circulated for marketing purposes.

Thank you for your message, one of our team will be in touch soon!

Contact details​

Registered address:


Pall-Ex Group
Pall-Ex House, Victoria Road,

Ellistown, Leicester,

LE67 1FH


+44 (0)1530 239 000

General enquiries:

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