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A Global Partnership of Freight Distribution Networks

In 2009 Pall-Ex granted its first master licence outside of the UK. Since then Pall-Ex has grown, working with pallet network companies to open a further seven networks across Europe.

Pall-Ex Group is the award-winning, leading provider of palletised freight distribution services in the UK and Europe with multiple pallet delivery networks across the continent.

Founded in 1996, Pall-Ex has grown phenomenally while ensuring our core values have remained the same. Our continued commitment to quality and customer service has established Pall-Ex as industry leaders and won us numerous accolades.

Our growing distribution and warehousing network enables customers to send freight throughout the globe by utilising our hub-to-hub connections to provide a faster, more efficient service. We work together with our master licensee holders and sub-licensees to create an innovative, integrated and effective part-load distribution network unrivalled by other pallet network companies.

Pall-Ex Group

The global market

The sector across Europe in particular is very large and consists of several companies competing in most countries or territories. The Pall-Ex business model of moving freight through strategically placed hubs allows recruited sub-licensees to distribute freight nationally at economical/competitive rates.

Pall-Ex's expansion strategy continues to be successful. With the team’s market-leading knowledge, wealth of experience and support, Pall-Ex gives independent road transport companies the opportunity to build their business across the country, and even internationally. Pall-Ex now has thriving master licensee networks across numerous countries, including Italy, Spain, Portugal, France and Romania. You too can join our distribution and warehousing network and become a vital part of our multiple pallet delivery. This network is designed to work for our partners with clear, concise support and optimised delivery systems. Find out more about our pallet network membership opportunities.

Be part of the Pall-Ex Group vision and discover more about becoming a master licensee in your territory.

Pall-Ex Group - Global Palletised Freight

Our master licensee networks:

Pall-Ex UK Hub


Pall-Ex Group


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UK - Pall-Ex Master Licensee.jpg

United Kingdom

Czech Republic - Pall-Ex Master Licensee

Czech Republic 

Italia - Pall-Ex Master Licensee.jpg


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