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Become a Partner of Our Tried and Tested Pall-Ex Model

At Pall-Ex, we believe that collaboration is the key to achieving our ambitions.

The Pall-Ex distribution network is now well-established in a number of countries in mainland Europe, with our hub-to-hub model supporting the success and growth of 500 hauliers across the continent.

 We recognise that whilst our model is successful internationally, it has to be adapted to meet the specific requirements of other European countries.

  •  Do you have extensive knowledge and experience of the logistics industry?
  • Could your expertise introduce our hub-and-spoke model to new territories?

Driving Your Logistics Business Forward as a Pall-Ex Group Partner

We are seeking local and like-minded companies who have the experience, capability and resources to participate in our mutual goal of pan-European distribution.

Hauliers who are already well-established and share our commitment to providing quality service, can benefit from our continued support, experience and guidance as a Principal National Partner of Pall-Ex Group.

We’ll help you achieve growth, both nationally and internationally, by providing support with training, networking, marketing and more.

The contribution Pall-Ex has made to establishing the hub-and-spoke model has brought major benefits to local communities by providing a cost-effective service that also helps to reduce the number of vehicles on the road.

The success of our existing partners demonstrates a need for flexible distribution in Europe and with additional partners, we can continue to improve efficiency.

Working with us, you will benefit from:

Continuous professional support

A dedicated Projects Team made up of national team members will facilitate the network implementation, giving continued support throughout the entire process.

Experience and expertise

Accessing our extensive knowledge and experience in setting up and running hub-and-spoke systems.

Pan-European vision

Participating in the development of a pan-European distribution network for palletised freight and playing a role in shaping the future of the cross-border network.

Orientation and training

A comprehensive, induction and training programme across all relevant business functions will allow you to visit, observe and interact with our operation first-hand, gaining an insight into our shared successes.


Participating regularly in user group forums to engage in the development processes across Europe.


Immediately leveraging our international brand and marketing material, ready to be localised to assist in the development of the local network.

Register your interest to become a Principal National Partner

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