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Pall-Ex Iberia 7th Anniversary

Pall-Ex’s Iberia celebrated their 7th anniversary in June and continues to grow throughout the region.

Since starting in 2011, Pall-Ex Iberia has gone from strength to strength. The Pall-Ex brand is now visible across the whole region, and the hard work and commitment of all involved in maintaining the quality standards of the Pall-Ex partner have seen the network grow and development throughout the region.

Pall-Ex Iberia has paid testament to the work of all their members, who have helped grow the network, by delivering excellent service and performance across the board.

They commented;

"The involvement of our members in each logistics operation, each delivery, each collection has been impeccable and every time makes us stronger against any situation."

In addition to reaching this milestone, Pall-Ex Iberia has attended SIL Barcelona 2018, which also took place in June. This was the first year that they participated with a stand of their own, and the exhibition was a great success for all involved.

Congratulations to Pall-Ex Iberia for all your hard work and here’s to the next seven years and beyond!


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