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A new partnership in Poland

Leading European palletised freight specialist Pall-Ex Group has grown its offering on the continent by launching a new partnership in Poland.

Pall-Ex operations in Poland will begin by the end of the year, thanks to a deal with new Principal National Partners Axell Logistics and PKS Gdańsk-Oliwa.

Operating with a master licence agreement model, Pall-Ex will utilise the local expertise and knowledge from logistics businesses already based in Poland, to further enhance the group’s pan-European palletised freight distribution network.

Having recently celebrated its 20th Anniversary within the UK, Pall-Ex Group already has over 400 regional members across networks in the UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Bulgaria, Romania and the Benelux territories.

Kevin Buchanan, managing director of Pall-Ex Group, said:

“After a successful launch of Pall-Ex Bulgaria earlier in 2017, it’s clear that the Pall-Ex business model continues to deliver growth across the continent and to its partners. We’re very pleased a first and last-mile operation within Poland will soon again be part of Europe’s leading network of choice.”

In late 2014, an arrangement with a previous partner in Poland was halted due to parent business trading setbacks which affected its ability and focus to build up a fledgeling network to the high standard that the Pall-Ex Group would expect.

Kevin continued: “As a business, we pride ourselves on offering quality service and this is something that we don’t compromise on. When standards aren’t meeting our strict criteria, we aren’t afraid to make tough decisions in order to protect the excellent service that our customers deserve. However, it’s vital that we learn from these past experiences and use them to build an even stronger business.

“We recognise how important Poland is domestically and in terms of our European offering and our previous learnings have allowed us to combine the experience and knowledge of two exceptional businesses to form Poland’s Principal National Partner (PNP). They have a wealth of pallet network experience as one business was a previous member and the other one of a previous customer of the network.

“Pall-Ex Group has become a shareholder in the soon to launch Pall-Ex in Poland. Sharing best practise Pall-Ex, with our new PNP, will once again offer efficient and cost-effective pallet distribution across Poland.”

For more information on Pall-Ex in Poland and how they can support your business visit

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