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Keeping Europe Moving Forwards with Pall-Ex

Keeping Europe Moving Forwards with Pall-Ex During Covid19

For the last ten years, Pall-Ex has developed networks throughout Europe, providing thousands of businesses with a quality domestic and international palletised freight distribution solution.

We have faced an array of challenges but nothing quite like the events of recent weeks. With such unprecedented times, at Pall-Ex we understand the difficulties many people are facing, and thanks to robust support systems, are well-equipped to help keep key supplies in hospitals and stores – where it’s needed most.

At Pall-Ex we want to collaborate, help and support as many businesses as possible with their domestic and international transport requirements. We have robust plans in place to support a variety of companies and are taking advice from all major health and safety organisations to continually improve our Covid-19 policies.

The importance of the logistics sector

The importance of the logistics sector is huge to the European economy – it is critically important in ensuring the success of other businesses.

This ranges across every area, from medical supplies to stocking the shelves at supermarkets, European businesses and citizens depend on the logistics sector to keep essential items available during such trying times.

At present, the team at each Pall-Ex hub are working hard to keep all consignments moving, to ensure businesses and end-customers can receive their goods.

Working together and winning together with our European Partners

Pall-Ex’s European networks have united across the continent to offer their services for the movement of emergency supplies for critical services. If you need additional supply-chain or warehousing support, please get in touch.

Mark Steel, Managing Director of Pall-Ex in Europe, says:Our international network is facing unprecedented times and we are working together to keep Europe on the move during this period.

"Our international network is facing unprecedented times and we are working together to keep Europe on the move during this period."

“Pall-Ex Group’s international partners and members are working around the clock to ensure supplies reach those who need them, including hospitals and businesses.

“Our pallet network is in a unique position and is able to work collectively to meet the ongoing requirements of organisations and the public Europe-wide.

“We are proud of the commitment they have shown to keeping supply chains open and would like to reassure all customers and staff that we continue to put safety at the forefront of our operation by reducing contact during deliveries.”

What can be done to help the European logistics sector?

To further support the health and safety of the drivers who are continuing to deliver essential items to thousands of businesses, we’ve got a range of extra safety precautions in place across Europe.

On a European scale, contact between staff, drivers and all logistics personnel have been minimised, non-contact drops organised, heightened cleaning procedures, closures of communal areas at depots and a myriad of other safety measures.

As well as what can be done by each haulier individually, the UK’s Association of Pallet Networks (APN) have recently made a statement at which the sector could be helped on a governmental scale. This includes a fuel duty derogation, and ensuring keyworkers get the support they need.

Contact us for help, and follow us on social media for updates

If you’d like to keep up to date during this period of time, we will be posting all of our announcements on our social media channels, on @pallexgroup and via our company page on LinkedIn.

You can also contact the team, by filling in the form on the contact page.


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